MD Beton fills the gap in the concrete market with hollow core slabs of 2.4m

MD Beton Belgische Betonfabrik schließt Marktlücke mit einzigartigen spannbeton - bodenelementen von 2,4m

MD Beton from Mouscron, Belgium, is a third-generation company specialized in the production of prestressed precast concrete elements. Initially, they concentrated on the production of prestressed concrete wall panels for agriculture and industrial construction. To expand their product range, they later turned to prestressed hollow core slabs with an exclusive width of 2.4m. Echo Precast Engineering, their permanent partner in mechanical engineering, played an important role in the story.

A gap (of 2.4m) in the market
The demand for prestressed hollow core slabs continues to rise and the production must be completed faster and faster. Based on this market data, MD Beton went in search of an innovative product that could provide added value.
As an innovator and an outsider in the sector, they did not want to become the umpteenth producer of hollow core slabs with a standard width of 1.2 m. In collaboration with Echo Precast Engineering, they managed to fine-tune a Slipformer S-Liner® T40 that allows a width of 2.4 m. A simple as well as genius invention, the Slipformer is above all an example of future and market-oriented thinking. 
The product immediately caught on, partly due to the fact that increasingly larger precast elements are used on the worksite. MD Beton is currently the only producer in the Benelux region of prestressed vaults of this width. The demand for these vaults from other European countries also continues to rise sharply. After all, they allow work to be much faster. Moreover, the existing infrastructure of MD Beton allowed a switch to this greater width.