Production beds

Pre-stressed or loosely reinforced precast concrete elements can be efficiently manufactured on production beds. Our many years of experience enable us to provide beds made to customer specifications.  

Good thermal conductivity

Saving in transport and material costs

Very long life expectancy

Standard production beds

The standard production beds are manufactured and installed by our experienced technicians in the customer's production plant, where they are secured to the hall floor.


  • The use of concrete beneath the steel plate ensures effective thermal conductivity, which means that high quality end products can be manufactured.
  • The use of concrete also aids the transmission vibrations and therefore results in outstanding compaction of hollow core slab.
  • Significant savings in transport and material costs.
  • Very long life expectancy 

Mobile production beds

Mobile production beds, also known as cassette beds, comprise a prefabricated steel structure, which is assembled in the production plant.


  • Mobile production beds are available with or without heating system

  • They can be dismantled and re-assembly at another site

  • Short assembly time, requiring very few staff members

Stressing equipment

Depending on customer requirements we design and build the entire pre-stressing system. Abutments are applied at each end of the production bed. Reinforced concrete abutments are provided by the customer on site. Various types of pump assemblies and systems can be used for the tensioning of pre-stressing steel or braid wire. The jack size is adjusted to the cross-section of the equivalent strands or braid wires.


  • Reinforced concrete abutments

  • Various types of pump assemblies and systems

Heating system

To increase the productivity and efficiency of a production plant the production beds are equipped with a heating system (in order to guarantee fast, controlled curing). In addition to the technical specification we supply the complete solution for the heating system.


  • Controlled curing
  • Complete solutions for heating system

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