Production beds

Pre-stressed or loosely reinforced precast concrete elements can be efficiently manufactured on production beds. Our many years of experience enable us to provide beds made to customer specifications. The software solution  aheadAPS  enables manufacturers to deliver on time and produce more efficiently using 3D stack and production planning with daily capacity and production overviews.

Concrete core activation

Saving in transport and material costs

Very long life expectancy


The standard production beds are designed by our experienced engineers. Only the essential parts are manufactured and produced at Echo which significantly reduces the transport costs and the overall costs. In close collaboration with our engineers the beds will be installed in your factory, completely embedded in the factory floor.


The use of concrete beneath the steel plates and thus creating a solid production bed gives you the following important benefits.

  • Significantly reducing the energy consumption costs for heating the beds due to the concrete core activation 

  • A smoother bottom finish of the produced elements due to the solid bed

  • Very long lifetime

Mobile production beds

Mobile production beds, also known as cassette beds, comprise a prefabricated steel structure, which is assembled in the production plant.


  • Mobile production beds are available with or without heating system

  • They can be dismantled and re-assembly at another site

  • Short assembly time, requiring very few staff members

Stressing equipment

Depending on customer requirements we design and supply the entire pre-stressing equipment. Abutments are installed on each end of the production bed.

We can supply pre-stressing equipment for single wires in combination with or without de-tensioning equipment. Different stressing jacks for the different wires and strands are supplied with the hydraulic pump units.

Tailor made solutions for multi-stressing equipment we design and manufacture as well. Multi-stressing equipment with fixed cylinders in the abutments or the stressing cylinders on a movable wagon is also a possibility.


Heating system

To increase the productivity and efficiency of a production plant the production beds are equipped with a heating system (in order to guarantee fast, controlled curing). In addition to the technical specification we supply the complete solution for the heating system.


  • Controlled curing
  • Complete solutions for heating system

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