Automatic plotter SmartJet

With the automatic plotter it is possible to draw and print data such as cutting angles, project identifications and areas to be detached on the precast concrete elements. The top face and both sides of the precast concrete elements; can be printed. This prepares the finished parts for further operating processes with the concrete aspirator or concrete saws.

The plotter prints or draws geometric shapes and text on the concrete elements prior to cutting. The geometric data are principally cutting lines (straight across the element or at an angle), the outlines of slots, the position of drainage holes, etc. The texts are mainly identification numbers for elements, project or customer data for the identification of the finished parts.

The machine has an industrial PC. The data are transferred to the plotter as PXML files, for example using a USB storage medium or wireless network connection and are monitored prior to printing by a special type of software. PXML stands for Progress XML and is an innovative concept for open data transfer for precast concrete element manufacturers and rebar shops, developed by the Progress Group (
The software to generate the PXML files can also be supplied. Since the automatic plotter is battery-powered, no cabling is needed for production.

Each machine type can be configured for a track width of 1.2 m to 1.5 m or of 2.4 m.

Fully automatic

Data transfer via USB or W-LAN

Laser positioning

Hollow Core Slabs

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