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Extruder X-Liner®

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The Extruder X-Liner® FC is a machine designed for the manufacture of hollow core slabs, which proves its worth by its technological excellence and operator-friendly characteristics.

 The concrete to be moulded is pressed into a mould frame and compressed there. The moulded, stable concrete can remain behind the machine and cure.

Structural tube system

Our new structural tubing system increases compaction and reduces wear and tear. The separate control of each screw also improves production speed, compaction and reduces wear and tear. The machine is exceptionally easy to access and to maintain. The X-Liner® is equipped with an integral computer. The production data are initially stored locally and can then be integrated into the stabos web client or comparable systems. The machine can be fitted with a wireless network connection for mobile data capture (4.0) of remote control.

Each machine type can be configured for a track width of 1.2 m to 1.5 m or of 2.4 m.

The X-Liner® FC is a fully automatic machine, easy to adjust and completely controllable. Not only the concrete formula, but also the key components of the machine, the screws, can be individually adjusted. Switching to producing a different floor height is rapid and simple. This allows for the rate of production to be adjusted and the entire operating process to be optimised. The modular machine design makes it easy to maintain and clean this extremely reliable and easy to operate machine. With this system you will produce high-quality hollow core slabs, while also guaranteeing a high degree of fire resistance. The screws, which are known as "shark screws", because they are shaped like shark fins, have been designed specifically to optimise the piling of the concrete and to increase compaction and rates of production.

cross section of hollowcore made with an Extruder by Echo Precast Engineering

Our cross-sections comply with the Euro-codes and EN 1168. The ratio between load and span can be adjusted by changing the concrete strength parameters and the reinforcement plan to suit specific applications exactly.


Optimum concrete flow

High degree of flexibility

Hollow Core Slabs

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Extruder X-Liner®

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