Half Slabs

Ribbed slab concrete, Half slabs, floor plate S-liner

The half slabs are a light prestressed concrete element for medium long spans. It shows high load resistances because of a concrete mix of 0.32 to 0.40 water/cement ratio. 
Half slabs possess excellent rigidity during loading, unloading, lifting, and installation. It is self-supporting in medium spans, so it requires a smaller number of risers and does not need formwork; this facilitates simultaneous work under the structure and reduces operators' risks.

We produce 4 models of half slabs: mono design, U profile, E profile and double E profile. All slab types are produced with a Slipformer S-Liner®

Field of application:
Generally used for residential buildings and medium long spans. On the job site is used in a combined floors system. It consists of a half slab in conjunction with polystyrene, reinforcement, and a layer of concrete topping to increase the structural strength.

Machine for production

Slipformer S-Liner®

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