Hollow Core Slabs

Hollow core slabs are floor and wall elements made from pre-stressed concrete with cores in the longitudinal axes. The cores reduce the weight of the floor element significantly in comparison with the solid slab elements. The panels can be manufactured loosely reinforced or pre-stressed. The elements are delivered made-to-measure and the required slots can be provided ex works.

In the construction industry nowadays, the principal properties are energy and cost efficiency, as well as sustainable technologies. Pre-stressed concrete elements satisfy all these criteria and therefore make a significant contribution, when the issue is future-oriented construction.

Advantages of hollow core slabs


Optimum material consumption and low tare weight

One advantage of precast pre-stressed hollow core floors as compared to other types of floor structures, is the efficient use of material. Precast pre-stressed hollow core floors require high-grade concrete and steel. Therefore the same load rating is achieved as with cast-in-situ concrete ceilings, but with reduced use of material. In comparison with ceilings constructed in the cast-in-situ concrete method, this process saves a considerable quantity of concrete. The pre-stressing also reduces steel consumption. Pre-stressed concrete elements can span large distances with supports.


Concrete Core Cooling

Concrete plays an important role in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling, principally due to its ability to store and subsequently release warmth and cold. Elements with concrete core cooling facilitate the storage of thermal energy. Pipe systems are integrated at the concreting stage.


Speedy Construction Progress

In the past, delays in construction were accepted as a consequence of the slow, conventional massive construction methods. Nowadays, the requirement for fast return on investment is of ever-increasing importance. Precast pre-stressed hollow core floors make possible a significantly shorter construction period.


Fire resistant and earthquake-proof

By means of slipformer technology precast pre-stressed hollow core floors can be equipped with shear nibs at the lateral edges, in order to increase resistance to seismic motions.


Safe, convenient working conditions

Production plants for the precast concrete industry offer a safe, healthy work environment at comfortable temperatures. This type of manufacture is based on strictly supervised industrial procedures. Therefore, potential sources of pollution by noise, dust and hazardous substances can be identified and corrected without problems. In addition, the production of pre-stressed concrete products leads to a considerable saving in staffing.


Wide range of operational areas

Operational areas for hollow core slab are non-load-bearing walls in residential, administrative, commercial and industrial construction and perimeter walls. They are suitable as storey ceilings in all possible types of building and for infrastructure procedures.

Machines for production

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