Van Thuyne: 50cm more competitive

The company Van Thuyne from Waregem, Belgium, can look back on more than hundred years of successful history. Founded in 1880 as a company in the building materials trade, the firm, which is headed today by owners Tom Eeckhout and his wife, Fien Barra, quickly developed into a successful producer of precast concrete elements, with a very good reputation not only in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and France. Van Thuyne produces 4.000m2 of Lattice Girder Slabs and Prestressed Hollow Core per day.

Our professional and fruitful relationship with Van Thuyne started in 2016 when we started the collaboration to build a new Hollow Core production plant.

In 2019 Van Thuyne invested in the new 3rd Universal Slipformer to have a quicker changeover time and to produce 50cm deep Hollow Core slabs. As a floor supplier the 50cm thick hollow core was a necessary extension of the production range.

The Universal Slipformer makes it possible to produce pre-stressed concrete hollow core slabs and a complete range of products, such as beams, lintels, foundation piles, gutters, as well as hollow core slabs with insulation or incorporated heating/cooling systems.

This versatility is made possible by the modular machine structure. Height differences in the same product series can be produced by quick, problem-free changing of the tube and mould set.

The specific construction of the Universal Slipformer and the use of dry concrete (zero-slump concrete) make it exceptionally cost-efficient and easy to use and maintain.

Hollow core slab 50 cm high - Slipformer Echo Precast

After a few months of manufacturing the S-liner machine, Echo Precast Engineering delivered the slipformer on time and Van Thuyne had the opportunity to successfully commission the new 50 cm deep Hollow Core slab.

These kinds of slabs are ideal for flooring solutions with long spans and high loads. This all turned Van Thuyne into a competitive player in the region because not every competitor can offer this kind of hollow core slab.

Since the company offers this product, Van Thuyne participates as a provider for projects like parking lots with large spans and warehouses with high life load 1.000kg/m2 (17m span).