Pre-stressed concrete units

  • Pre-stressed concrete units
  • Pre-stressed concrete units
  • Pre-stressed concrete units
  • Pre-stressed concrete units

The main concerns of the modern construction industry are energy and cost efficiency and sustainable techniques. Pre-stressed concrete slabs satisfy all these criteria and thus make a substantial contribution to building for the future.

The advantage of pre-stressed concrete hollow core floors over other types of floor structures is their efficient use of materials.

Pre-stressed concrete hollow core slabs require a high grade of concrete and of steel.

Therefore the same load ratings can be achieved with use of less materials than in cast-in-situ concrete slabs. In comparison to the cast-in-situ construction method 45% of concrete can be saved.

Pre-stressing reduces the use of steel by about 30%. This equates to up to 14.4 tons less concrete and 275 kg less steel for the average size of dwelling - a decisive step towards sustainability.

Structural efficiency

Precast pre-stressed hollow core floors offer exceptional efficiency to the user. Their slenderness and long span capacities allow the available building space to be exploited to the best advantage.

With precast pre-stressed hollow core floors long spans without supports are possible.

Pre-stressed concrete hollow core floor slabs offer a range of ecological advantages:

  • Less total waste (waste material is processed and reused).
  • Demolition becomes simpler and faster (existing buildings can be renovated, rather than demolished).
  • Less primary energy consumption.

Thermally activated floors

Concrete plays a significant role in the reduction of the use of energy in for heating and cooling, mainly because of its capacity to store and subsequently release warmth and cold. Thermally activated floors can store thermal energy. Water pipes are embedded in the hollow core floor units during casting.

In the past delays in construction were accepted as the consequence of the slowness of conventional construction methods. Today the demand for a fast return on investment is becoming ever more urgent. Pre-stressed hollow core slabs significantly reduce construction time.

Since the 1970's European, American and Japanese laboratories have conducted more than 100 fire tests on pre-stressed hollow core floor units. The results speak for themselves: Floors with normal connections to the supporting structure are fire resistant for 2 to 3 hours both for bending and for shear loading.

Additional safety in seismic zones

Slipform technology can provide hollow core slabs with seismic incisions on the lateral edges to increase seismic resistance. 

Precast construction plants offer a safe, healthy working environment at comfortable temperatures. Production is based on strictly monitored industrial processes. Therefore, potential pollution sources from noise, dust and toxic substances are easy to identify and rectify. In addition, the production of precast pre-stressed hollow core slabs offers a huge saving in labour costs.

Hollow core slabs are suitable for a range of purposes: They offer the best possible solutions for the residential, hospital, school, industrial, commercial and other markets.