Extruder X-Liner® FC

  • Extruder X-Liner® FC

The Extruder X-Liner FC is a machine designed for the manufacture of pre-stressed hollow core slabs, which are at the top of their class because of their tried and tested technology and ease of operation. The X-Liner FC is a fully automatic machine, easy to adjust and completely controllable. It is possible not only to adjust the concrete formula but also the core of the machine, the screws can be individually adjusted. This allows to vary the production speed and thus the optimization of the whole production process.

The modular machine design makes it easy to maintain and clean this highly reliable, easy to operate machine. This machine will allow you to produce concrete hollow core slabs, which are not only high quality but also guarantee high fire resistance.

Our “shark screws”, which are shaped like a shark‘s fin, are designed to optimise the piling of the concrete and to increase compaction and speed of production. Our new structural tubing system increases compaction and reduces wear and tear.

The separate control of each screw also improves production speed, compaction and reduces wear and tear. The machine is exceptionally easy to access and to maintain.

Dimensions of the Hollow Core Slabs

Our cross-sections comply with the Eurocode as well as with EN 1168. By altering the concrete strength and reinforcement pattern it is possible to adjust the ratio between load and span to the optimum for concrete applications.