Universal Slipformer

  • Universal Slipformer

The Echo Precast Engineering Universal Slipformer makes it possible to produce pre-stressed concrete hollow core slabs of from 6 - 60 cm in height.

The machine cannot only be used for the production of hollow core slabs, but also for a complete range of other products, such as beams, lintels, foundation piles, gutters, as well as hollow core slabs with insulation or incorporated heating/cooling systems.

This versatility is made possible by the modular machine structure. Height differences in the same product series can be produced by quick, problem-free changing of the tube and mould set. Changing to a completely different product can be completed even more quickly by replacing the production-related module.

The specific construction of the Universal Slipformer and the use of dry concrete (zero-slump concrete) make it exceptionally cost-efficient and easy to use and maintain.
Our standard range of machines includes machines which can operate on beds of 1.2 m (4 ft) – 1.5 m or 2.4 m (8 ft) wide.