Wall Panel Slipformer

  • Wall Panel Slipformer

Whereas a normal slip former is used for the production of "grey" wall panels (all the specified slip formers have this function), a special slip former has been developed to produce wall panels with exposed aggregates - in a single production run. The slip former for wall panels is a special machine type with the same design as the slip former S-Liner® T 30, but with a wider frame.

The wider frame means that the machine can be equipped with an additional concrete supply hopper.

Whereas the normal hopper contains the usual grey concrete and is designed for the manufacture of hollow core slab floors, this third hopper is loaded with colourised concrete (a mixture of sand, coloured aggregates and white cement). The machine applies a thin layer of colourised concrete (usually 15 mm) on the hollow core element. This process guarantees perfect connection of the top layer with the (grey) bottom layer.
As well as the extended frame the machine also has a special smoothener with improved finishing features.

All the other functions are identical to those of the S-Liner® Slipformer.

The machine can operate on beds of 1.2 m or 2.4 m wide