Extruder X-Liner®

Extruder X-Liner® with new patented Shark Screws to have a better compaction in the hollowcore slabs Extruder X-Liner produce precast concrete hollow core slabs for floor and walls

The Extruder X-Liner® FC is the youngest member of the Echo machinery portfolio and was introduced to the market several years ago. It is designed for the production of pre-stressed hollow core slabs, with high quality due to their tested technology and ease of operation. The X-Liner® FC can be used fully automatically, is facile to adjust and completely controllable. The modular design results in an easy maintenance and cleaning of the very reliable machine.

Patented new screw shape

A big share in the success of the machine is related to the “shark-screws”, which have a patented shape that reminds of a sharks fin and designed to optimize the compacting of the concrete as well as production speed. The secret behind this is the new mandrel system as well as the separate control of each screw, which also leads to a reduction of wear and tear. By using the “shark screw” it is possible to minimize the back rotation of the material inside of the machine, so less power is needed for the compaction. The concrete fl ows smoother and is compacted faster which leads to a significant speed increase of the machine. Reducing the back rotation also has a big impact on the lifetime of the screws, which are worn slower than other screw types. The screws are also individually adjustable. The height adjustments are easily done by using sleeves for the required thickness, which are also easy to clean with water. The shark screws are suitable for all kinds of hollow-core extruderswear. This leads to a lifetime increase of approx. to 30 % compared with standard screws.

Modular machine design

The X-Liner® is composed with a power unit, a concrete hopper and a specific extruding module and has a soft dynamic drive system, thanks to the combination of motors, drives and controlling unit. The noise level of the machine is very low. The power units can be decoupled fast and easy either mechanically or electrically without hydraulics. The concrete hopper can be delivered either for a filling volume of 1,5 m3, 1,8 m3 or even 3,0 m3 and has a constant monitoring of the filling level.


Latest software standards

Equipped with an embedded PC the X-Liner® stores the production data first locally, but due to the stabos webclient, a product from Progress Software Development (part of the Progress Group companies) or similar systems. The machine can be accessed by a wireless network connection for data capturing or remote intervention by an Echo Precast Engineering Technician. The Extruder X-Liner® FC technology can produce slabs with different widths (depending on the bed widths), i.e. 600 mm, 1.200 mm, 1.500 mm and 2.400 mm. It allows the manufacturing of a flexible range of cross sections combined with high production speeds. Echo offers conversion parts for different heights of slabs in order to eliminate the need for exchanging the extruding module.


The advantages at a glance

  • New patented shark screws
  • Optimal concrete flow
  • Increased rate of production
  • Individual screw speed
  • Easy to clean
  • Screws suitable for all hollow core extruders
  • Longer lifetime than traditional screws