Driven piles

  • Driven piles
  • Driven piles
  • Driven piles

Echo Precast Engineering Slipformers allow the production lines to manufacture both the usual type of driven piles and driven piles with pointed lower ends.

Benefits of this formwork free production process:

  • Cost efficiency when dry-batched aggregate is used, 20 - 25% less cement is needed than in the conventional formwork method, with the same impact strength.
  • Faster, simpler production
  • Saving in personnel - one machine operator is sufficient
  • No time need be spent in releasing the formwork, leading to faster extraction of the finished products
  • Shorter curing times
  • Easy to clean: no tiresome cleaning of the formworks is needed; standard cleaning of the concrete extruder is sufficient 

Driven piles can be

  • pre-stressed
  • or fitted with a cage reinforcement.

Together with our sister company, progress Maschinen & Automation we offer complete solutions.

progress Maschinen & Automation specialises in the production of machinery and plant for the handling of rebar; cage reinforcements are produced at various levels of automation: